11 of the Most Amazing Magic Tricks of All Time

All the people know that the magic shown by the greatest magicians of all time is all tricks, but it always amazes people that there are certain magic tricks that the world has seen can be difficult to decipher how they did it. Below is a list of the most amazing magic tricks of all time, that some can be very outrageous that children needed to be warned never to do it by themselves. This is purely entertainment, and should be done by professionals.

  1. Portal by David Copperfield – The best of all tricks is the portal made by the best magician of all time. He is known to be very creative with his magic tricks, thus earning the title “most commercially successful illusionist” in the course of history. In his magic trick Portal, he and another spectator were able to successfully transport from the set or stage to Hawaii. This is the unsurpassed magic act and still remains a mystery to most people.
  2. Thirteen by David Copperfield – in this act, David was able to make 13 people vanish out of thin air. Another act that puzzled spectators around the world.
  3. Chop Cup by Paul Daniels – the audiences love Paul Daniels because his act was always fast, entertaining and engaging.
  4. Death Saw by David Copperfield – David was able to convince the audience that he was sawing himself. This trick has been reinvented by magicians following his footstep, yet this act by David has never been surpassed.
  5. Postmentalism by Alvo Stockman – this act engages the audience to participate by writing a prediction on a piece of envelope. They will include an address and place a stamp on it, then hands it over to a friend. The prediction written on the envelope can be anything, such as the winner of a football game.
  6. Walk on Water by Criss Angel – this trick has been emulated by many other magicians, but Criss Angel does it best. Walking on water seemed like impossible, but he was able to pull off this trick.
  7. Turning five $1 to five $100 by David Blaine – David Blaine distributed $100 to residents that are devastated by the hurricane Katrina, by turning five of the $1 bills into five $100 bill.
  8. Walking through the Great Wall of China by David Copperfield – in this act, he was able to walk around the Great Wall quickly. During this time, technology was not as advanced as today, so he used his wit to come up with such an act.
  9. Removing the Front Teeth by David Blaine – Another trick that astounds the audience, David Blaine was able to remove the front teeth from one person to another in the street. This trick of his sparked controversy whether it was real or not.
  10. Houdini’s Metamorphosis by Ron Saylor – this act is all about turning one of Ron Saylor’s pretty assistants into an average guy.
  11. Run over by a truck by Penn – from the title itself, this means the magician was literally run over by the truck without any injury on him.

These 11most points were with help from one of the UK’s busiest Magician, so thanks Nick!


11 Outrageous T-Shirts

One thing that you really love about T-shirts is that you can customize what is printed in front of it. Some love it plain, while others just want to throw whatever is on their minds. It is all about creativity – what you cannot express with words and actions alone, can be done through the use of the T-shirts. Many people, designers or not, have engaged in exchanging messages through social media, and some of them went out of their way to print those messages on T-shirts because they think it is fun and cool to look at. Wearing outrageous T-shirts not only adds fun to your life, you will also make other people happy, given that they are not offended with the message printed on it.

Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the lesbians (available in brown color; Amazon for $12.99)

What do you think people will do when they see you wear this T-shirt? One customer left a review on Amazon stating his experience, pretending to a single guy. It helped him strike up a conversation with the ladies – ladies that were very curious with the message written on his T-shirt. It made his grocery shopping experience more enjoyable.

Wish you were beer (available in black, gray, navy blue and white colors; Amazon from $19)

The wearer is seriously thirsty and wants to quench his thirst with humans. The rest is up to your imagination. If you just take a first glance of this T-shirt, you think you read “wish you were here.”

Game Over (available in black, charcoal gray, slate blue, red, royal blue, navy blue, kelly green, maroon, hot pink, brown, olive green, purple, forest green, yellow, lime green; Amazon for $12.95)

What’s so special about this t-shirt? A picture of a bride and a groom inside a thick, square with round edges, with the caption GAME OVER below. So does this mean that whoever gets married means the fun is over? That is up to you!

Warning! Life is too short for ugly men (price start at $18.99)

This t-shirt may not be that outrageous as it seems, but men may find it both offensive and funny. That really depends on how they perceive it. A perfect fit for women, unless men want to add spice to their life, they can wear this t-shirt, too.

Free Hand Lotion (Amazon $13.95)

Out of all the T-shirts listed here, this one is the most vulgar of all. The caption on the t-shirt says: “Dry Skin? Free Hand Lotion (pump here)” with an arrow pointing downwards. Both men and women can wear this shirt, but only if they have the guts to wear it.

Meat is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder (Amazon $12.99)

Who else in the world would love to see someone in front of them get murdered, or is the message trying to say something else? A vegan would be very puzzled to see this message if you are trying to be funny or is something loose in your head. Nevertheless, the message means a lot: you cannot help but love the meat, even if it is cruel on the other side.

My Pen is Huge (Amazon $12.99)

If you have very sharp eyes and able to distinguish the pen apart from the letters, you have a clean conscience. If not, reading the whole context will make you spill your drink. The fonts are so large that it will make you think the person wearing it is too full himself. Are you so proud of being a man, bro? Between the words “Pen” and “is” is a large pen, making it look like the words “Pen” and “is” is a single word. This is something to enjoy wearing on a casual day, strolling in the park.

I Should Be In The Kitchen (Amazon $19.95)

You see a drawing of a sign of a woman, widely used to denote Women’s room, and the words “I Should Be In The Kitchen” at the right. There should be something else with the message, otherwise the “women’s only” symbol is very misleading. It is up to your imagination on how you interpret the message.

Your Lips Keep Moving But All I Hear Is “Blah, Blah, Blah” (Amazon $19.49)

It could be called outrageous, but it is more funny in a way to annoy other people. Are you listening to whatever that other person is saying? This t-shirt is certainly the best one to wear to annoy other people that you do not want to listen. All you see is their lips flapping nonstop, and you have no idea what they are trying to tell you. Just smile and point to your t-shirt. Get ready for some action then.

“I have a blog, A MySpace page and a YouTube video; all I need now is a life” (Amazon $21.95)

Wear this shirt and you will instantly win a friend. Sounds like you are desperate to have someone by your side, right? This t-shirt brags the wearer on how active their virtual life is, yet their real lives need more work. Still, anyone can wear this t-shirt. People will smile at you, and you might even strike conversations or even win new friends. A very cool shirt, for it to be considered an outrageous one.

“Come to the Dark Side, We have cookies” (Amazon $12.95)

Who says the Light has all the delicious stuff? The Dark side has it all, too, if you take it literally. But why is the “We have cookies” phrase somehow been reduced to a small size? There is a lot of meaning behind this shirt, if it is even considered an outrageous one. Let your imaginations run wild.

Most of the outrageous t-shirts can be vulgar and offensive, but people should never take these things seriously. They are made out of the ideas that seem fun to them, but it was never their intention to be very offensive, although some did intentionally make this shirt to grab attention. But this is what outrageous t-shirts are made for: to grab your attention.


11 of the Most Outrageous Cars

Cars are there to give you a comfortable ride from point A to point B, but not every ride is a comfortable one. Either that or they are enjoying the sight and are feasting their eyes to the most outrageous cars they have seen in their life. You will never see cars like this again in your lifetime, unless the owner happens to be your neighbour.

These cars look outrageous on the inside and the outside. Some of its makers go as far as transferring an engine from a supercar to an economical car.

  1. McLaren P1 – this car is considered to be the biggest debut of 2013. This car is certainly not here to replace or follow the F1, yet they say it is ready to succeed it. This car comes in an extremely radical, flowing design that features a giant wing with bulging tail lights plus the tick eyes belonging solely to McLaren.
  2. Rimac Concept_One – The interior is designed by Vilner and the exterior by Pininfarina, coupled with a 4 individual wheels that runs on 92kW motors, this is one luxurious car that starts at $980,000.
  3. BMW i8 Spyder Concept – this car is an example of a fine innovation; appearing in a stylish appeal, while introduced to the mainstream market of hybrid supercars. This car delivers 87 mpg in its TwinPower turbo engine.
  4. Nissan Juke-R – Millionaires of the world have forced upon Nissan to create 25 samples of its 545 horsepower crossover that carries the GT-R engine within it. This outrageous car comes at $600,000.
  5. McLaren X-1 – this car is considered to be the most eye-bulging, head-shaking and very intriguing of the various releases last 2012. This supercar was designed by Hong Yeo, who just came out of his school from World College of Art in London.
  6. Hennessey Venom GT2 – This is an updated GT, which carries an engine capable of 1500 horsepower. Something that can drive you up to space.
  7. Lamborghini Urus – this is another addition to the competition on foreign and luxury cars combined in a single unit.
  8. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Electric Drive – the colour of this car is enough to glue your eyes on it, but that is not the only thing that makes this car really eye-catching – just hearing that this car carries 177 horsepower and 259 ft lbs more than its 6.2 litre engine is very astounding.
  9. Eterniti Motors Artemis – this car got the title of the world’s first super SUV, carrying a 600 horsepower engine that not-so-eye-catching exterior. Car enthusiasts are puzzled as to who wants a super SUV, but it is now available in the market.
  10. Nissan DeltaWing – Just a look of this car and it is enough to tell you that there is something going on under the hood. The pointy design of this car has opened new doors in Le Mans.
  11. Lexus LF-LC – This car comes with the most eye-stunning concepts when it was introduced to the public, plus it carries a 498 horsepower engine. Lexus is definitely getting serious with this car.

Some outrageous cars can be literally outrageous, not because of the power it holds, but how its owners customized it the way they think is cool.

11most points with help from http://www.bookcab.in/ – thanks guys!

11 Apps That Changed The Way We Live

Turn back time more than a decade ago; you’ve got to wonder how people were able to live their daily lives without the presence of modern technology today. Tasks that take several minutes to complete can be done in mere seconds today. Such is the power of mobile apps. So much has advanced over the recent years that it has begun to reshape the lives of society and at the same time challenging the old ways.

  1. 1Password – if you are active in the internet, it means that you have several accounts to maintain. This also means that you have to memorize every password of each account you have. Having this app on your mobile phone will simplify everything: it will store and secure all your passwords.
  2. AroundMe – this app will help you find the most decent place that you want to go located near where you are currently standing. Try to look for the best coffee shop in your area using this app.
  3. Amount – an app that converts units of measurement. You can use this to convert recipes from foreign countries, foreign currency exchange and even calculating math problems.
  4. Dark Sky – this is an app that tells you about weather forecasts of your local area.
  5. FastCustomer – you no longer have to wait on hold for several minutes when calling a company; this app will help you find and call the company, wait on hold, navigate the entire system and even call you when the person is already on the line. Their notable customers include Park Medical Billing, who are a well-known medical billing system provider.
  6. Evernote – this is the best app to use if you wish to remember everything that you can get your hands onto. What this really means is that it will help you save information or even a list that you wish to look at it later if you do not have the time right now. You can also save lines of text from web pages you visited and only want to read that particular line.
  7. VLC – there are lots of video formats out there, but this little media player can play almost every video format you have on your mobile phone.
  8. Waze – if you want to avoid traffic when you go to work, use this app as it will show you the best route to take to get to your office on time.
  9. Instagram – these days it is easy to take pictures and you will never run out of film; you’ll just run out of battery. But you do not want your pictures ending up in the storage memory of your phone – share it through instagram.
  10. Facebook – this is actually a social networking site, but comes with an app for mobile phones. This will help you communicate with your loved ones that are far from where you are, and at the same time form new bonds with friends that you share interests with.
  11. HiFutureSelf – an app that will help remind you of things that you need to get done.


11 Black Friday Scrambles in Stores

Black Friday is the day that follows Thanksgiving celebration day in the US, which takes place on the fourth Thursday of the month of November. It is taken as the start of the shopping season for Christmas, and most of the major retailers open at early hours and at the same time provide promotional sales. Other shops continue their Black Friday spree for five days, offering most of their merchandise at a fifty percent discount. For most shoppers, this is the most blessed days of their life, because they will be getting the things they have coveted for a very long time. But Black Friday shopping comes with a price – getting into war with other shoppers.

  1. Someone assaulted another physically over a discounted toaster.
  2. Waking up early at three in the morning, only to be thrown into a stampede at the entrance of department stores.
  3. Bringing their weapons as they shop. It seems a woman pepper-sprayed game-shoppers at one department store, but she turned herself in.
  4. Shoppers started fighting over discounted LED TVs.
  5. Not all those in stores were there to shop. Some group of people went to Macy’s in New York City to protest against Black Friday. In 2013, some people from Hackensack, NJ went to local law firm Jae Lee Law to seek options of banning a few black friday deals which they found “highly unethical and against transparent business functioning”.
  6. Some people came out with a few cuts and bruises. Just go to show that you were serious about something inside one of those stores. This happened in the Atlantic, UK. It even included altercations at various Tesco stores all over the country.
  7. A couple in Indiana was arrested for attacking a cop during Black Friday. The reason was the man was getting too rowdy, and got involved in a fight with another person at the parking lot. This all happened before they punch a police officer who was off-duty during that time.
  8. Houston police reports that they found customers fighting over TVs at Walmart.
  9. Some men were detained during the shopping spree, all because of a receipt. The man was asked by the police officer if he has the receipt to prove his purchase of the merchandise, only to ask his friend to record the whole incident, then invoking the name Michael Brown while defending himself against the police. The police in the video remained extremely calm during the whole incident.
  10. People waited at the Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee in order to get a taste of the limited edition Imperial Stout that were aged in Bourbon Barrels. Quite a few of these people were waiting outside the whole night.
  11. Wal-Mart got its fair share of protesters, too, the same thing that happened in Macy’s. But they were protesting for a different reason: a demand for salary increase and additional full-time positions.

Black Friday shopping certainly gives most people a lot of savings, but if it equates to you getting injured in the process, it is best that you save up money for the one thing that you wish to buy and purchase it at times when stores have few customers around. Or you can control yourself and settle with the things you have right now.

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